OGEE Gutter Profile

OGEE gutters represent the Standard in seamless rain gutters.

OGEE is a term that refers to any architectural design that incorporates a double curve with the shape of an elongated ‘S’. Viewed from the side, ‘OGEE ‘ gutters have an elongated ‘S’ incorporated into the front face design.

Over the past twenty plus years, galvanized steel has been replaced by Colorlume and coated aluminum, and six-metre pieces with welded or soldered seams has given way to seamless gutters manufactured on-site.

Gutters & Downpipes can be manufactured in either Colorlume (a  pre-painted aluminium-zinc coated steel) or Aluminium.

  • Domestic 5-inch Gutters – 100 x 125 mm + Downpipes – 50 x 75 mm
  • Industrial 6-inch Gutters – 125 x 150 mm + Downpipes – 100 x 75 mm

Domestic Gutters Installations